Acoustical Decoupler HD (Heavy Duty)
underlayment framework for establishment underneath staple down or nail down hardwood flooring*, Gypcrete or concrete board which acts as a sound deadener as well as a decoupler by breaking the sound transmission way through the floor-roof get together and forestalls commotion flanking from one space to another. Just carry out over the subfloor, tape creases for wood flooring and for Gypcrete, set up the border by introducing polyethylene froth or fiberglass board just as any distensions through the establishment. The item is 5/16" thick and comes in rolls 5/16" x 54" wide x 24' lengths. As a gathering this item will assist you with accomplishing a STC up to65 and an IIC of 69**. Acoustical Decoupler TF (Tile Flooring) is SPECIALLY DESIGNED to go under CERAMIC and NATURAL STONE tiles to assist with wiping out the shock retaining and sway commotion made in the lower level when this item is introduced appropriately! This 1/8" thick solid adaptable enemy of crack elastic cushion fir use when predominant sound control is needed in multi-family lodging, tall structures, single homes or business structures. Each roll is 60" wide x 30' long (150sqft/roll) As a gathering this item will assist with accomplishing a STC/IIC of up to 53.** * minimal measure of staples, nails or entrances through the decoupler the better for the STC/IIC appraisals ** ALL STC and IIC appraisals depend on explicit congregations we indicate and additionally suggest and are field tried outcomes. (FIIC and FIIC) Retain Noise - Wall Panels Eco-Absorber Interior Acoustical Panels: An economical answer for retaining undesirable clamor. Eco-Absorber boards are accessible in white or can be painted to wanted shading by us or you without really any deficiency of retaining properties. Just introduce with drywall screws to dividers and roofs or hang as astounds and mists. Board sizes are 23.75"/31.75"/47.75" wide by 6' to 12' long. Misuse safe and Class A fire-evaluated. 1" thick boards have a NRC rating of .80 when introduced more than 3/4" furring strips and 1" thick 3 lb fiberglass between the furring strips. Additionally accessible is the Finale' board which is a pre-gathered board comprising of 1" furring strips and fiberglass and 1" Eco-Absorber face with a NRC of .75. Call for subtleties, tests and cargo quote! Texture Wrapped Acoustical Wall Panels are high-thickness center fiberglass wrapped with one of more than 45 distinctive Guilford 701 texture decisions. Go to ( high thickness center fiberglass wrapped with one of more than 45 distinctive Guilford 701 texture decisions. Go to pick your color(s). Effortlessly introduced, fantastic execution utilized in; Hotels, Auditoriums, Restaurants, Theaters, Hospitals, Offices, Conference Rooms, Churches and numerous different applications where assimilation is significant. The boards come in 1" and 2" thickness and can be made into a wide range of sizes and shapes. The NRC is .75 for 1" and 1.00 for 2". Call for subtleties. Supported Scrim Wrapped Absorbing Panels are entirely sturdy boards utilized in regions, for example, Dog pet hotels, sequential construction systems, fabricating office dividers, and some more.

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